Tuesday, December 22, 2009

merry merry

may your days be merry and bright
and may all your Christmases be white

The process:

Find snowflake graphic.

Make stencil (cut out, coat liberally in boiled linseed oil).

Stencil with paste/acrylic mixture.

Stencil with wax (used Renaissance wax, following tests of various wax options).
Dye in Tinfix dye.

Stencil with glitter.

Fold along score lines.
Stamp in silver foil. Write cheery holiday message.

Cut along base lines.
Glue together.

Fold into paper bag shape.

Insert lit candle. For optimum household safety, add 1" or so of sand before adding candle.

: the finished luminaria pictured above are the "rejects," and here displayed because they were the first ones completed (in time for a command appearance). The editioned luminaria are still in process, but on schedule for a new year's mailing.

DYP! is participating in a holiday mac&cheese bake-off, and will return next week.

Up in the Air / Walter Kirn (of course)