Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We're going to Hollywood!

photo credit Los Angeles Public Library
Effective June 1, Stephanie Gibbs Bookbinding is thrilled to announce the new studio location, right on Hollywood Boulevard. Directly above a used book shop, a stone's throw from cocktails and coffee, and, of course, on the Walk of Stars.

Do come visit! (Please call or email first!)
(213) 223-6921
6646 Hollywood Boulevard Ste 206, Hollywood, CA 90028


Sunday, May 15, 2016

accordion calendars

Way back in the 14th Century, accordion books were used as calendars:

from https://medievalbooks.nl/2015/10/02/the-incredible-expandable-book/
Copenhagen Royal Library
Today, calendars often appear as broadsides in the mailbox, in a form remarkably unchanged in 500 years:
visit LACMA!
So I decided to combine the two approaches to displaying events, and turned the broadside into an accordion:

And, yes, I am slightly tempted to do this with every monthly LACMA calendar going forward. . .