Monday, December 17, 2007

cheer and such

Edition of 40, consigned to the United States Postal Service.

Further queries have necessitated a colophon.
Image: father and aunt, circa mid-1950's. Far too much time has already been fruitlessly spent looking online at digitized Sears Christmas Wish Books to completely verify the date.
Images commercially printed on a color laser printer at Puffer Printing, Easthampton, MA.
Backing paper: vintage silver foil wrapping paper with embossed holly and ivy.
Image sizes: 4"x6"; 3x 2"x2"; 2x 1"x1"
Aluminum wire cut to 6" lengths and treated as described in Guy Williams "Making Mobiles".
White bead from a random beading store in North Dallas.
Red paper is probably Fabriano, cover weight. 2"x2."
Silver paint pen is not remotely archival.
Two types of thread were used, either a button-weight grey sewing thread or a cream beading thread.
The edition is not numbered, available only for love and not for money.

reading recipes
weather clear, but do we really require a foot of snow?