Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Still staying with the same hand: there, focused now on the middle finger, the finger with the indented callus between the first knuckle and the nail, from holding a pen with such a grasp for so very long. This finger and this callus are my memory of you, of all the letters I wrote to you across so many years and so many miles. This finger bears the memory of an address scripted onto envelopes and packages, of return addresses that varied with the season, of news and stories and announcements that once seemed so very pressing but now all of which I can no longer recall. You must remember, you who have carefully read and saved each line of each letter, finding so much value in what I did for a host of confused reasons, of guilt, and obligation, and pity, and, somewhere deep and only tacitly acknowledged, abiding attachment and fond affection. week after week, postcards, letters, clippings, scrawled with what can generously be called the best of intentions, and now that you are no longer here, I can admit to love.

there are books; they aren't open

how-to-stay-alive-when-capsized lessons!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

how to do the impossible

Now everything has shifted, not only the colors and the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, where radio waves are what can only be described as the deep russet brown of the earth of a garden that has been lovingly tended for generations and is full of earthworms and manure, but not only is it the warm, deep hue of the earth but it is also on fire, burning with an intense burgundy red; these are radio waves, and the ultraviolet rays that are normally filtered out by the atmosphere are iridescent like a firefly and a dragonfly and an oil slick on asphalt after a summer rainstorm, the ultraviolet rays which for years we were cautioned against and guarded against and took violent steps to avoid exposure to: they are beautiful and clean and crisp as perfectly tuned machinery.

Flaubert's parrot / Julian Barnes
[I love reading this book. And am saddened by the thought it will end.]


Monday, June 13, 2011

Expedition Report

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Fifteen states, three weeks*. Strong coffee and a ukulele.
Day bacon set on fire, one. Days camped in snow, 3. Days camped in rain, 1. Nights camped in howling wind, 2. Campsites surrounded by mosquitoes and gnats of extraordinary size, 3. Observed bears, 1.75. Photographs lost to user error and a dirty lens, innumerable.


{Las Vegas.}

{Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater. Recursive loop.}

{Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater. Cantilevered series.}

{Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater.}

{Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater.}

{Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater.}

{The House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright on acid. Cantilevered series.}

{The House on the Rock.}
{Photographs don't do this place justice. Read Neil Gaiman's American Gods for some sense of the destination.}

{The House on the Rock.}

{Minneapolis. Cantilevered series. Also note mirroring of cantilever and broken hallways.}

{Minneapolis. Bridge series.}

{Las Vegas. Bridge Series.}

{Bryce Canyon, Utah. Bridge series.}

{The Badlands, South Dakota. Window series.}

{Bryce Canyon. Window series.}

{Zion National Park, Utah. Rock series.}

{Zion National Park. Rock series.}

{Zion National Park. Rock series.}

{Zion National Park. Rock series.}

{Zion National Park. Rock series.}

{Yellowstone National Park. Rock series.}

{Yellowstone National Park. Rock series.}

{Yellowstone National Park. Rock series.}

{Arizona. Rock series.}

{Sequoia National Park. Rock series.}

{Yellowstone. Tree series.}

{Grand Tetons. Tree series.}

{Grand Tetons. Weather series.}

{Yellowstone. Weather series.}

{The Great Salt Lake.}

{Zion. Tree series.}

{Central Valley, CA. Tree series.}

{Central Valley, CA.}

{Salt Lake City.}

{Sequoia National Park.}

{Sequoia National Park. Tree series.}

*Current location: undisclosed west coast. The above photos are in no way representational or comprehensive for the trip, nor are they presented in sequential order of visitation.