Monday, May 23, 2011

from sea to shining sea

DYP!11 : a month-long performance extravaganza

(coming to a city near you)

We've been here before.

(That's Tanner LeBlanc, gazing at the camera. Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

We travel in packs and stay near trees.

(Tanner & Pippi. No trees were harmed in the taking of this photo. Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

We go up lamp-posts and around statues.

(Fifi, who will only be participating in week one of DYP!11, due to the pending arrival of DYP!.2.2.)(*)

Now we're busking our way from coast to coast.

(Note: by "busking," we mean camping and socializing and touring Frank Lloyd Wright houses and national parks, from coast to coast.)

Beginning at the Atlantic.

(as we ought)

And crossing over rivers and going up mountains.

A long-standing ambition of Pippi will be attained, traveling from highest elevation point to highest elevation point:

(The above photo was taken in a moving car at highway speeds.)

Many engineering feats will be marveled at.

(Me again. Photo credit Babs de Genlis.)

In addition to paying homage to a variety of film-moments-through-history.

(Think NxNW)

And a revisit of the Windy City.

(Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

Then into the West, to visit the vast-in-between that we haven't seen yet.

Fitting in moments for Humphrey Bogart re-enactments.

And hikes up mountains.

Finally arriving at the city perched on the Pacific.

At which point I'll fit in a final visit to the ocean.

Before returning home.

DYP! returns to standard production schedule June 22, pending a lack of mishaps en route and a successful adventure from here to there and back again.

(* The rest of the photos are taken by me. You knew that.)

hours and hours and hours of audio books
undoubtedly, a mix of sun and storms

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the uses of silence

{in memoriam}

This silence in particular was composed of a refrigerator just stopped humming, a tea kettle just off the boil, a phone just hung up, a pencil put down. In this silence were all of the things that would never be said, all of the games that would never be played, all of the stories that would never be told, all of the flowers that would never bloom. In its way, it was a silence identical to all other silences, full equally of potential and loss, and yet this silence hung overhead as an impenetrable fog.

Strongly disapprove of the conclusion of Elegance of the Hedgehog. Strongly.

forty days and forty nights and I need an ark

Thursday, May 12, 2011


There had been a house, there in the woods, that looked so much like her own house that she thought it must be her home. She was lost, she was horribly lost, she had been picking dandelions and violets to give to her mother as a special present, and then she didn't know where she was any more, the forest was very large and very dark. She cried out, and then cried quietly to herself, and then started off in the direction she thought she ought to go. The house, when she saw it, was the right color. It was the right shape. Her family lived in a sod house, which to outsiders was a hovel unfit for human habitation, much less for raising a family, but her mother sang as she swept out the dwelling and it was a happy house, though meager and rough.

The elegance of the hedgehog / Muriel Barbery

dogwoods! lilacs! bliss!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

for you

My wish for you is the loss of everything you hold dear, and the discovery of everything that most matters, the crunch of the crust of fresh baked bread and the distant sound of what is both a brook and a bird and a singing child, here on the edge of the forest where everything is poised on the brink of being.

ex machina

Most people, of course, did not notice the change at first. Their alarm clocks rang into duty at five thirty or six in the morning; their pre-set coffee makers perked into existence and provided a kick start to the day; in a sleepy haze they staggered to their cars and the morning commute, noticing only subliminally that the sun wasn't quite in the right place, but intentionally choosing to overlook this fact in favor of concentrating on the tasks of the day ahead, the meetings, the deadlines, the flirtations in the mail room. For almost a week, the vast majority of the population remained unaware that the sun was crossing the sky from west to east, for although NASA scientists and meteorologists and physicists were aware of the change, the government had enacted a gag in place until the actual ramifications could be understood.


[May 6 11]

The balloons, though, seemed to travel at regularly spaced intervals, and as I looked up and began to watch them, I realized there was a pattern at play. Red red red blue red blue red red blue blue blue red yellow blue blue red blue red red blue blue blue yellow, a pattern that continued in a similar vein so that I scrambled for a pencil and the back of the electric bill and began to take note of the repeat, until I was satisfied that it was in fact a repeating message of some type, at which point the phone rang and I became caught in the business of the day, and forgot about the balloons and their message.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

moments just before

We hadn't expected to meet, then we hadn't expected to marry, but in the end it was just as well that we had been in Vegas after all, for the $45 fee we paid Elvis to do the deed meant she couldn't testify against me when things went from bad to worse. The legal system's funny that way, but whether she would have talked out of vindication or stayed silent from stubborn loyalty would have depended as much on the weather and her mood as any ethical qualms, so I'm sure the tying of the knot worked out for the best, and I wish her the best with her new acquisition.

John said: "What about a chart?"
Titty said that as the ocean had never been explored, there could not be any charts.
"But all the most exciting charts and maps have places on them that are marked 'Unexplored."

And now, a life jacket!