Wednesday, January 26, 2011

report card

What do you say when called upon to defend a paper you didn't write, conjugate a verb in a tense you do not know, demonstrate a technique you didn't know existed, review a book you haven't read, discuss a movie you never saw, defend a crime you didn't commit, ask forgiveness for a fault unacted, destroy a being that doesn't exist, create a phenomenon that is a physical impossibility, draw a picture of the inconceivable, play the piano blindfolded, perform in theatricals having never read the script, fight a fire without water?

well, I was going to read a book by a mathematician about physics, until I heard an interview with the author and he sounded like a space cadet. So a nix on that idea.

Indeed! Every record broken (back to when records began, c. 1905) for the most amount of snowfall in a calendar month. Vindication, not bitterness.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

words as they go by

Food, food we understood would require a certain amount of forethought, for although novels may be full of ancient apple orchards growing in forests, we did not fancy a diet of found fruit, nor were we particularly clear on the details associated with the growing season. And so we had harvested fruits, nuts, and berries from the aisles of a well-stocked grocery store; after a certain amount of searching and no small element of trial and error we located a vehicle, and we were off, off to set the world to rights and to pursue truth and justice wherever it needed a bit of assistance to prevail.
Things began well enough. There was a map. There were companions. There were clear skies and high hopes and books of poetry and theories of intentional living and creating communities, how out of inhospitable earth we could build an epicenter of escape from the constraints of society, a place for thinkers to gather and for artists to dream and for those who knew what they didn't desire to dedicate a week, a month, a year, a lifetime to living deliberately.

It's midwinter! Save the date : February 8 : for the second annual candlepin bowling extravaganza!

The industry of souls / Martin Booth

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Anyway, so when something was stolen from me, I knew just what to do. There were calls to the insurance company and an official police report that was filled out in triplicate, and eventually I was even able to bring in media coverage and convince the owners of the regional pawn shops to lend a hand. It wasn't so much the value of the thing, or even the sentiment: to be honest, I didn't care that it was missing.

I was more interested in seeing how much local agitation could be raised to try and start a hunt, and perhaps the news cycle was going through a dry spell or perhaps I had amassed more local favors than I had thought, because by the second day it was in the paper, and by the third day it was front page. There were signs on telephone poles all around town, thoughtfully designed, printed, and posted by the high school art class; there were letters to the editor, letters of condolence arrived from members of the city council, and strangers would come up to me in the grocery store and ask how they could be of assistance.

Cosmicomics / Italo Calvino


And verily, did the forces of heaven descend, and thereto blanket the routes of the citizenry under a cubit of frozen rains, from under which the loyal and faithful were unable to escape. Until, lo, didst the great munificent one send unto his people a truck, and bearing before the great mechanized beast with the power of two hundred steeds was a magnificent plough, a plough with which the awesome strength of the almighty was demonstrated by decimating the suffocating powder.

However, as man was full of his own self worth and became aloof in the presence of his creator, thus was the driver of the plough stricken with gross incompetence, for he was unable to clear the lesser steeds which awaited release into the worldly asphalt pastures. The wickedness of the people was punished through hard labor with shovels and scrapers, until the freedom of their mechanical dependents was won through honest toil.

Yea, though the slings and arrows of frozen snow have thus been conquered, thereat a state of emergency was declared, whereby all worthy citizens were ordered to stay snug in their beds, and not venture forth into the temptations of the land.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


To get there, follow the county road, oh, I don't know, say twenty miles, although now that I come to think of it, it might be closer to thirty miles. You'll be driving and driving way out past those new subdivisions and almost to the state line. Not to the state line, mind you: if you see a thank you for visiting sign you've definitely passed the turn-off, and, what with some of the things they're doin' over there, well, you're safest on this side of the border. Trust me on this one.

So you go up somewhere between twenty or thirty miles and you'll pass the gas station that used to be one of those destination truck stops, what with a restaurant and showers and there were even some dancing girls for a few years, although now all of those extraneous buildings have been boarded up and listed as for lease please call, but the gas pumps are still being operated, they're overpriced but if you forget to fill up before you go, that's gonna be your best bet.