Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inventory of the Contents

Into the upper safe deposit box, he placed a yellow rubber duckie and a pair of black leather cashmere lined gloves, and from the lower box he extracted a quarter of a million dollars in cash, three loose square cut emeralds, a small velvet bag containing 27 carats of cut diamonds, a key to a safe deposit box to a bank in a completely different region, an envelope of negatives depicting a very important person in a very compromising position, a bag of an opiate based narcotic, and a small pistol.

actually, having Neil Gaiman read to me. lovely.

piles of tones of gray temper the skies, the seductive scent of lilacs, a glowering full moon through the mists of clouds, and ugh! the final (!) week of dreary cold

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Where's the magic?
The magic is under a rock amid the moss next to a tree growing alone in a field where during the rainy season there is a stream and during the migratory season a constantly shifting scene of ducks and geese and always clouds, wind, sky, sun, stars.

The magic is in an unmarked box in the basement stacked in a corner by the water heater next to the abandoned armchair with broken springs and not visible from the cellar steps.

The magic is woven into the rug in the living room, the threadbare Oriental rug with an unfortunate wine stain and a corner which was gnawed off by a puppy years ago.

The magic is in this envelope with the creaky handwriting and the 5 cent stamp addressed to someone who may or may not have been a great aunt.

The magic is here, in my hand, and I give it to you, freely, without expectation.

reading. hrmm. that would be books, magazines, newspapers, or electronic articles. those things. I left them somewhere, just over ... hrmm ... here? maybe? there?

ah, forsythia. ah, daffodils. ah, tulips. ah, dandelions. ah, violets. ah, bleeding heart. o! spring!

Monday, April 19, 2010

vernal advents

Babs de Genlis and Pippi Aubergine
implore the pleasure of your company
for an afternoon of
mustaches, martinis, bocce, & lilacs

Sunday : May 9, 2010 : 2 p.m.
Arnold Arboretum

martinis, mustaches, lilacs, and bocce provided
please bring guests and something frivolous to eat and/or play

Babs de Genlis
Pippi Aubergine

Also, May 6 : artist's book group meets! 6.30pm for 7pm

all the trees in bloom

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The To Do List

The overhanging trees cast a murky shadowy dusk that hides more than true nightfall, none of the houses have numbers, and what people can be glimpsed offer only impassive sideways looks of mistrust, bad pasts, lost narratives. There, ahead, partially hidden by an over exuberant rhododendron, a lone red balloon and a stiletto spray painted in glow in the dark paint: a final right turn before the directions can be consigned to the glove box, the baking chocolate and whole chickens and lettuce and berries moved into the kitchen, the board games added to the assortment on the coffee table, the pin the tail on the donkey tacked to the wall by the fireplace, and greetings all around and dive into the hammock with a chapbook of poetry just released and a martini freshly shaken, ice-cold, for the final twelve minutes of daylight before dusk fully descends, and brings with it the future.

my new favorite book: Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess : Instructions

magnolias in bloom! daffodils in bloom! this horrible terrible no good very bad dreadful lingering cold in retreat

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

après l'école {a DYP! production}

The other puppets, led by The Count, decided to kidnap the marionette and tie her to the railroad tracks, which was accomplished by wrapping the ever-tangled cords of the puppet around the broomstick, and then enlisting the alligator as freight train. As the music cued up for the theme song of the Lone Ranger, the monkey puppet reappeared, a silver star pinned to its chest, and the rest of the puppets bounced above the curtain rod, demonstrating their best galloping without a horse as part of the sheriff’s posse. The crocodile was thrown headlong into the crowd, the marionette and the monkey embraced, and the music cued to It’s A Small World, as all the puppets were thrown into the air.

The Infinities, under the influence of opiates (hooray for codeine)

crickets, sunset, clotheslines, and seersucker