Saturday, February 27, 2010


and et & :
A consideration of the commercial applications of this tiny piece of typography, which has recently experienced a revival in popularity. Since this is a project of long consideration but only recent realization, the image collection will grow as ampersands are captured and cataloged from travels near and far -- and therefore it is completely erratic and unpredictable, depending, as it does, on travels, travels with camera, and travels with camera and actually using camera. Once sufficient examples exist, a slideshow will be embedded in the margin of the page; in the interim, the curious would best view the images (& captions, if there is need of excess procrastination from vacuuming or lawn mowing) at the host site.


onward & upward

directions for page layout software! Soon, the proofs!

the tips of trees are changing color, buds are beginning to swell, in short, March arrives like a lion

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It happened inside a Tiki Hut.

Not really intentionally; there is so much of the intentional in the design and building of a Tiki Hut that no prospective patron can approach it with the slightest sense of purpose, since a special field that repels undesirables means that intentionally heading to a Tiki Hut with the stated purpose of absorbing the island vibe through frozen margaritas, coconut ice cream, barbecue chicken, roast suckling pig while dancing native dances inspired by vodka and carved wooden heads to songs actually composed and performed by under-employed Nashville almost has-beens -- if any person has the intention to actually learn about world culture through this experience, then it is a proven fact that their car will suddenly develop a flat tire, their best friend will go into labor, their next door neighbor will need a lift to the emergency room following an incident with a runaway lawn mower, their dog will eat the remote starter attached to the keys, the bridge will be out, and the Tiki Hut itself will be closed for a private party when the culturally intentional visitor arrives.

Lupton: Thinking With Type. The best typography book I've read, and it is a genre that sees a lot of action in this house.


This morning spent 45 minutes shoveling out the car in an attempt to get out of the driveway. Finally considered it a High Achievement to be able to get the car back to exactly the point where it was at the beginning of the process. Shoes and gloves remain soaked through.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

channels of sensation

The color is the grey-green of stagnant water tinted by leaking gas tanks, feral ducks, galley refuse, sliced against the sharp midsummer blue blue blue of a cloudless sky, the rays of the sun unbroken. Sounds of engines idling, water pouring into the next level, metal churning against metal as the ship heaves its way upstream or downstream, the whistles as capacity is reached, the calls from the shore as onlookers assist or idly watch. The feel of palm against metal, cranking the gears to open the locks, the feel of the worn concrete banks which can be reached from either side of the ship, the feel of the tiller as the ship pushes slowly slowly slowly forward. In the air the heavy smell of decaying fish, salt water, gasoline mixes with other scents of barbecue, of beer, of the shore, of birds, and of business.

readingJasper Fforde / Shades of Grey

spiked hot cocoa, crispy bacon, fresh scones, warm hats, hot water bottles, and the bliss of February not being a day longer than 28

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Panthera tigris, family Felidae

Chinese New Year / Valentine's Day mash-up

the year of the tiger scampers on stage

Shakespeare : Sonnet 05

Those hours, that with gentle work did frame
The lovely gaze where every eye doth dwell,
Will play the tyrants to the very same
And that unfair which fairly doth excel:
For never-resting time leads summer on
To hideous winter and confounds him there;
Sap check'd with frost and lusty leaves quite gone,
Beauty o'ersnow'd and bareness every where:
Then, were not summer's distillation left,
A liquid prisoner pent in walls of glass,
Beauty's effect with beauty were bereft,
Nor it nor no remembrance what it was:
But flowers distill'd though they with winter meet,
Leese but their show; their substance still lives sweet.

mushroom barley stew whilst southern climes throw snowballs

{photo credit MGG}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Start at the hardware store. April's early spring do it yourself project: build a cedar planting box. Supplies: cedar planks, saw, nails. Useful accessories: measuring tape, ruler, hammer. Over-achievers may consider acquiring sand paper in a variety of grits. Following completion of planter, purchase potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, seeds, and/or seedlings. Useful seed catalogs to consider are J. L. Hudson, La Honda, CA, and Fedco, Waterville, ME.
Estimated time to complete project: 2-4 hours. Estimated cost of project, including wood, dirt, and plants: $25, subject to variation in taste and desired plantings.

Actual time to complete project: 12 hours, in addition to seven hours sent at the emergency room following a sawing incident. Actual cost of planter, including wood, dirt, and plants: $75, in addition to $50 emergency room copay and $18 copays at each follow-up visit. Cost of purchasing a cedar planter and seedlings: $30.

Side benefit of project: cute emergency room doctor.

how quickly the calendar fills!

ha! take that mid-Atlantic! and that!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

rust is a slow fire

I step inside, letting the door thud shut: but it doesn't, it catches on a hastily discarded shoe and robs my entrance of the dramatic thunderclap of arrival. Also, the cat gets out, though at the time I don't realize the problems that will cause. I merely crave the sense of accomplishment and victory that accompanies a well closed door, the thud of shutting out the tinny whines of motorbikes, the yipping of overbred dogs, the bell of the ice cream man, the cacophony of ring tones and car horns and crosswalks and rumbling trucks and polite hellos to casual acquaintances that follows upon any excursion into the world, all suddenly muted by the proper thudding of a door into its frame.

Why doesn't Colin Firth, with that lovely rumbling voice, do audio books?

golden strengthening pureness of midwinter