Saturday, December 14, 2013

the year to be

regular size edition of 50
A client brought in a copy of Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack for 1788 for restoration, which provided the inspiration for this year's holiday edition: an almanac for the forthcoming year.

holiday ephemera edition of 50
Not for 2014. That would be far too practical.
Quercus Press: page layout for offset printing.
Page layout for digital printing -- pagination + glass of wine = much troubleshooting
According to wikipedia, 1714 starts on the same day of the week as 2014.
According to google books, there aren't any almanacs (or almanacks) from 1714.
each pamphlet = 2x 11x17 pages
fold, fold, cut, sew
Also, there was a calendar system change in there.

Time's Telescope, appropriated from 1817 to 1814
advertisement matter

range of papers, reflecting current studio stocks, reminiscent of publisher's bindings
However, 1814 was right in the midst of the flourishing almanac system. We had longitude! And latitude! And a new calendar system! Also, it was still considered essential information to include the transits of the moons of Jupiter as a separate page for each month in an almanac published as "The Nautical Almanac" by the London "Order of Commissioners of Longitude." Also, as referenced herein recently, there was a literal Big Cheese.

What cinched the entire project, though, was finding an almanac from 1817 where the owner had written the weather and current events ("bought first lobsters") for every month of the year. And google had scanned this almanac. The project had to happen.
pamphlet for 1814 = stamps for War of 1812
What more could one want?

also, studio-made stickers. why not?

Happy New Year!