Monday, May 25, 2015

from the archive 3

These are the recently unearthed working files from the calendar project, an artist's book that never made it past the research stage.

When a person begins to research the nature of time and different ways of time-keeping, there really is no end.

Especially once pulsars enter the picture.

Anyway, I think the notes pretty much speak for themselves, and, deep down, I keep alive a hope that I will one day return this project to the "active" pile -- with more doing and less thinking about doing. In the meantime, whenever an essay or podcast (99PI / ep. 159) about time comes across my desk, I drop everything and pay attention.

Do you know what this enigmatic note means? Do I know what this enigmatic note means? Only that a "syllable of time" is a wonderful phrase we should all be using. And I think maybe it was from this podcast.

Wait -- what? Each month should be a different language? Sometimes me worries myself.

So I have a crush on Teddy Roosevelt. So maybe I can't spell "Rooseveldt." So maybe I'm more than a little embarrassed about that egregious error. But no embarrassment about the crush.

Yes, this project was underway during the end of the world Maya mayhem. Spoiler: world's still here.