Friday, March 15, 2013


Well, everybody started cheering and hollering and then soccer practice kinda ended. I could tell coach was snake-spitting angry and I didn't want him yelling at me, because when coach yelled, wow, he yelled loud. Coach used words that I was pretty sure we weren't supposed to even know about and once he was so angry I saw him punch a car. It seemed like maybe a dumb idea at the time and he was just as angry after he hit the car as he had been before, then he had a funny splint from the hospital for a month. I never saw him hit a car again, but that's how he looked after the creature made that amazing goal.

So the creature and I, we moved fast to the other end of the practice field, and I didn't even help clean up the gear, we just ran all the way back home. Maybe coach would call Mom and yell at her, but Mom would just ignore him and everything would be okay. When we were about a block away from home, and it was just starting to get dark enough to turn on the street lamps, I stopped running and looked at the creature. It still didn't look like a dog. It didn't move like a dog and it wasn't shaped like a dog. People just kept thinking it was a dog because everybody has dogs and so that's what they expect to see. I knew it wasn't a dog. I just didn't know what it was, or why it was following me, or what it wanted.