Sunday, February 24, 2013

when magic had a taste all its own

It was like watching somebody else's dreams. All of the colors were different from the colors that I saw, and the sizes of things were all mixed up. She blew on an eddy of magic and it took the shape of a rainbow-striped elephant, and perched on top of the elephant was a mouse, only the mouse was as green as the grass and wore a funny hat. She brought some of the clouds down closer to the earth and made rings and hoops out of the clouds, and the elephant and mouse started jumping through the hoops, and then they stepped into a ring together and the mouse became exactly the same size as the elephant and they danced together.

I could even hear the music they were dancing to, it was the sound of the river and the sound of rain and the sound of heartbeats and the sound of hoofbeats, and because it was my birthday and Grandmother was making the magic especially for me I stood up and danced with the elephant and the mouse. Then Grandmother stood and danced with the three of us, and because she was Grandmother the mouse bowed low, low to the ground, and gave his hat to Grandmother to wear. We danced and danced and danced, and then the sun began to set, and the elephant and mouse bowed deeply to the two of us, and Grandmother and I were alone together again.