Sunday, December 2, 2012

17 Very Short Stories. -8-



-- Hello?
-- Is this Mrs. ___, at 17 Oakdale?
-- No, she's the next house down, the red one.
-- Oh, my apologies. What number is this?
-- Fifteen.
-- And your name, ma'am?
-- I'm sorry, I didn't catch who you were with?
-- Sorry, ma'am. I'm with the Center for Research on American Values. We're conducting a census on the town's growth plan.
-- How can I help you?
-- If you'll just give me a moment of your time, I have some questions for you.
-- Go ahead.
-- Do you mind if we step inside? I wouldn't want all the heat to go to the outdoors.
-- Aren't there only a couple of questions? Go ahead.