Monday, December 10, 2012

17 Very Short Stories. -16-


-- You got a flashlight?
-- Yeah, somewhere. Hold on a sec.

I found the tent zipper, put on my shoes.

-- Cold out here.
-- You going to the privy?
-- Yeah.
-- Watch out for raccoons. They scout around, have rabies.
-- Go back to sleep.

I went into the site, walked past the rows of sleeping Scouts, all of us learning how to live with nothing but a pocket knife and a box of waterproof matches. The stars filled up the sky and I found the outhouse by its smell as much as by the flashlight.

-- Smith, that you?
-- No, he's back at the tent.
-- Trenton, there's something in the outhouse. Go find a stick so we can bash it, or scare it back to the forest.

I looked towards the woods. Between something in the outhouse and needing to go into the woods to find a stick, I didn't need to go anymore.