Saturday, December 8, 2012

17 Very Short Stories. -14-


(kettle whistles)

-- Shit!
-- You okay?
-- This goddamn kettle poured fucking boiling water all over my hand. You've got to replace this piece of shit.
-- Bad day at work?
-- You have no fucking clue. The worst.
-- You want  a martini instead of that herbal woo woo hippie shit?
-- Now you're trying to get me plastered?
-- It might help.
-- A hangover's the last thing I need.
-- Then don't gulp it down.
-- Don't make me a double. A single's plenty.
-- There's more where that came from.
-- Hell, isn't there always?
-- Chinese or Indian?
-- What the fuck?
-- Takeout. You want a curry or the lo mien?
-- Lo mien, I guess. What a shithole of a day.
-- That went down fast. Hold on a sec, I'll get another.