Thursday, December 6, 2012

17 Very Short Stories. -12-


-- Today we're going to look at the cardiovascular system.
-- Why?
-- I'm sorry?
-- Why are we looking at all this stuff? It isn't like it matters what's an artery and what's a vein and what a ventricle is.
-- You don't think the functioning of the body matters, the way you need to know about changing a car's oil?
-- I don't know anything about car oil. That's what a mechanic does.
-- Well, what do you want to know about? Maybe we can study that instead.

Hands go up all over the room.
-- STDs.
-- How many beers before they can haul you in for DWI?
-- How many joints before it's DUI?
-- What's the story about the band director?
-- How do I get over the high jump bar?
-- Is it true that mascara causes pink eye?
-- What's cellulite?
-- Why don't roaches die when they're microwaved?
-- What's this growth on my foot?
-- How do you kiss?
-- Let's just go surfing.