Monday, November 26, 2012

17 Very Short Stories. -2-


Woman gives birth to ape baby.
Elephant in zoo speaks Korean to scientists.
Secret love triangle between the pope and his butler.
Tax loophole: My Yacht is My Kingdom.
Ways to lose weight: The Chocolate Diet -- you never knew!
100 Recipes for Pomegranate, Nature's Superfood.
Tainted flu shot poisons junior high.
Secrets of the Stars: "We're just like you!"
Princess found passed out in Hollywood bar.
How to play the lottery -- and win.

-- That'll be $17.50, ma'am.

I paid for the assortment of crackers and cheese and regretfully put away the guide to a reality that existed elsewhere, true stories of lives I would never lead.

Outside the moon rose and frost gathered on the grass.