Saturday, July 28, 2012

and in that time

Two thousand million years ago, I was not me, we were not us. The seed from which our soul would spring had not been earthed, the earth from which we would grow remained still granite, the oceans were neither fresh nor briny but still made of molten lava and the dust of meteorites and the tears of the future.

Specific and alone, cells which as of yet were not cells, were not organisms, gathered as sets of data, information, floating in the winds of time. Time had not yet striated into past present future but all time was one and we were all one in time. The past had not been invented, the future had not hatched.

One yearned to be invisible, for in invisibility there was safety, and without the protection of organisms, cell walls, skeletons everything was open to the gaze of the world. The primordial sludge had no being and no form, and as we were all one  and all one in time there was no safe haven for the quiet midnight thoughts to grab footholds and form consciousness. If we had had invisibility we could have hidden our hearts from the communal, could have told stories to each other beyond the all seeing eyes of the vastness of the world.


reading an essay by Calvino's translator

thunder thunder toil and trouble