Friday, June 15, 2012

the time, high noon

Sounds of door slamming, engine starting.

C: Damn this parking lot. You'd think we were all grandmothers, the time it takes everyone to make their way out.
A: What's your hurry? Tell us now, we're here.
C: Well, you remember back when there was that mix up in the human resources office down at City Hall?
B: You mean when they paid the janitors what the town planner usually got, after the computer system was somehow upgraded?
A: I always thought some wise ass high school kid hacked into the system and rearranged some numbers.
C: Well, anyway, not that one. No, I mean, you remember the mess when they accidentally shredded the registers of births, deaths, and marriages?
A: That was when they were, what, microfilming or scanning the records, right?
C: Something like that. It turns out they used a low bid firm for it, and they didn't check references.
B: Do they ever?
C: But it gets worse. So they said that all of the records had been shred, but it turns out that they weren't only not shred, they weren't scanned or digitized, either.
B: Hold on. I need something stronger than iced tea.
A: This means what I think you're saying?
C: You bet it does. None of us were born, none of us were married, and those headstones in the cemetery are just for show.
B: Yeah, but where are our records?
C: Well, you listen to the six o'clock news. Where do you think they are?
B: Seriously?
C: Absolutely.
A: I need something a whole lot stronger than iced tea.

Meanwhile, in an industrial prefabricated building that could be anywhere at all.


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