Friday, May 25, 2012

Keywords Relating to the Incident

marmot: stout bodied short legged burrowing rodent with coarse fur, a short bushy tail, and very small ears
They do not make good pets. Although they are more intelligent than hamsters and gerbils, their inability to settle down into domestic family life makes them inappropriate companions for all persons engaged in traditional bourgeois lifestyles. Marmots have been known to exchange important files with those of dubious merit, to shred passports and marriage certificates, to finish all but the last tablespoon of milk in the fridge and leave it for someone else to find, and to steal the dog's favorite chew toy and the infant's security blanket. They are mean spirited creatures, bored easily and capable of getting into constant trouble.

epitome: typical representation or ideal expression

Although it is all in the context, for what might be construed as typically egregious behavior by one might be an idyllic exaltation of expression in another. There are those who find the personality quirks of troublesome marmots to epitomize all that is wrong in adopting rodents. There are those who believe the marmot epitomizes the furry elegance of stout bodied creatures with small ears.

roister: to engage in noisy revelry
While there are devotees who will argue that the boisterousness and mischievousness character of the marmot merely signify its passion for roisterous parties within the extended family unit, those of a more calm and detached manner will recognize mindless abandon and drunkenness even in rodents, and call it what it is, which is simply antisocial rudeness.

definitions courtesy of Merriam Webster