Thursday, March 22, 2012

equinox / rebirth

His grandmother was the clan's fortune teller, was said to be the last of a long line of fortune tellers born with one ear to the heavens, for there had been no daughters, and no granddaughters, and it was feared her gift would die with her. His grandmother always read the cards at the new moon, calculated when it was time to shift camp, what way the winds favored, and his grandmother had shown him the westward march of the night sky. When he had been young she had told him of the western shore where the sky and the land joined, where stars became birds and fish became men, for we had all been formed out of the great western sea, and, like the sun, it was our fate to return to the west for a pilgrimage to our beginnings once every lifetime.

City of glass / by Paul Auster

magnolias? mosquitoes? and how!