Wednesday, February 29, 2012

once every four

[This story was begun by Katie in August of 2011:  below is her original introduction.]

The Adventures of Fillipia and Naomi

As we head into the Arctic, we will find our brave adventurers Fillipia and Naomi. Now Fillipia is very forgetful, clumsy, and crazy about junk food, especially chocolate chip cookies. Naomi is the smart, prepared one.

"Can we stop walking, my feet hurt really bad!" Fillipia whined, "And I'm freezing!"

"That's because you forgot your cashmere sweater. Here, I know you forget a lot of stuff!" said Naomi with a smile.

"Thanks," Fillipia said. Naomi looked and thought of anything else Fillipia needed. She looked at her shoes.

"Why are you wearing sandals?" she questioned.

"Because they're more comfortable!" Fillipia answered proudly.

"Aren't your feet freezing?"

"Yes, that could explain why

Just so stories / Rudyard Kipling

snow laced trees!