Sunday, February 5, 2012

changes thereto

Gentle reader,

As of today, the fifth of February, 2012, there have been just under 300[*] posts to the mostly weekly DYP!, begun in the autumn of 2007.

The vast majority of these are stories, the vast majority of which are magic realism numbers with a dash of Grimm's. (Plus the bonus filler of studio updates, photos of ampersands and travel postcards.) The stories-word-count-accumulation stands at 242,772; there are over a million characters, not including spaces. A lot of that is drivel. A lot is redundant. A lot needs heavy editing, possibly with a shredder. But some of it I'm quite fond of. Maybe you are, too.

I like sharing my writing with whoever decides to spend a coffee break reading it. But one of the weird things about taking my writing more seriously -- being more intentional -- is that many places won't consider anything that is previously published. And in the grey area of online publishing, many of them consider appearing on DYP! as previously published.

Going forward, thus, and back: stories will be edited down to excerpts, which will appear at DYP! per the standard Wednesday-ish typing schedule. Studio work and photographs will perhaps appear with greater frequency. If you miss reading my stories[^], send me a note, and you'll get a weekly email with the current story attached.

Very sincerely yours,

[*two hundred eighty two]
[^and I like you, and/or you aren't a stalker]