Thursday, January 19, 2012

faded maps

We left when the moon was full and the littlest cousin had toddled her first steps from the kitchen table to the doorway, we left after spending the winter studying maps and star charts, learning how to use a compass and navigate by the heavens. We drew up plans and lists, we packed, sorted, compressed, repacked, we made our tents and sorted seeds, grains into containers to carry with us. So much I did not do, I did not learn to splint a broken bone or to use an ax on timbers larger than myself, I did not study botany or animal engravings to distinguish what was medicinal from what was poisonous, what was predator and what was prey. I did not learn to shoot a gun or how to set a trap.

The gone-away world / Nick Harkaway.

cold but not too cold (or maybe that's the coat)