Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It is true that it was not my natural inclination to remain calm. It is true that it is my natural inclination to fuss and lose my temper and blame the incompetence of my companion, the government, and god. I knew this as well as my companion did, for when I started to agitate about general inabilities of the wider population, I was treated to the dreariest possible lecture on becoming lost in the woods as a meditation exercise about letting go of the need to control destination, the entirety delivered in a faux-relaxation yoga voice specially calibrated to appeal to my sense of outrage. And thus we kept walking, me grumbling about the inanity of being in the woods in the first place, my companion dropping in nuggets about the ephemeral nature of human existence and how artificial the construct of the self really is, until I became so annoyed with the philosophical bullshit that I forgot to panic about being lost in the woods with a granola bar and an apple remaining as my sole future sustenance.

thanks to The Ampersand for a shout-out to the Ligature Project!

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