Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This was my first expedition, and, in the manner of all novices, I had researched and trained thoroughly, but for all the wrong things. In addition to hours spent at the shooting range and every first aid course offered by the Red Cross, I had enrolled in courses at the local college the previous semester, on natural history and folklore and literature and language for the region we were headed into. Something nagging at the back of my mind suggested that I had missed the most important considerations. There's always an annoying little voice whispering untimely reminders, and I just stopped listening to it at one point, turned off my inner ear to the pleas of the inner voice.

a brilliant brisk book with undertones of warm and fuzzy
How to keep your Volkswagen alive : a novel / Christopher Boucher.
paired with an acidic diversion
The Trip (Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon)

in the five elements system, there are also five seasons. This is the extra inning: late summer, the melancholy ripening and cool calm evenings