Wednesday, July 27, 2011

by the book

If only, alas!, they were true, I would tell you a tale of school woodshop classes littered with surreal birdhouses whose pieces never fit; of maps and directions unreadable because of the most basic philosophical consideration, what is right? and what is left?; of the heartbreak of losing a house to fire or flood or the apocalyptic horrors of losing a series of houses to fires and floods; of having a mind distracted by terminally ill parents and a dog with an inflamed heart; and with any of these considerations, thus, the unfinished project, merely an attempt to alter the nature of the universe, doomed from the start, and so no harm done.

finally finally finally went to the Museum of Natural History. Meteorites are cool. Dinosaurs are cool. What fun indeed, plus two newly found bookshops!

we've had tornadoes, which is crazy