Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The majority of the main residence hall has been preserved as it was at your last visit, within the very clear written guidelines of the contract, although certain small alterations may be noticeable due to circumstances quite beyond our control. The source of the fire which destroyed much of the main house was traced to a squirrel's nest built into the walls of the house, and while we were able to reconstruct the vast majority of the furnishings and decorative objects, the shades of the brickwork and limestones which are worked into the flooring and masonry throughout the building are ever so slightly tinged with an orange cast, but we trust this variation in the color scheme will not be offensive. The lamps, oil paintings, knick-knacks, and books were all perfectly matched using the cross-referenced library and archive housed in the fire safe stored off site, and photograph albums and scrapbooks were meticulously reconstructed.

Lost and found : three by Shaun Tan.

swimming! kayaking! full July moon!