Wednesday, June 22, 2011

how to do the impossible

Now everything has shifted, not only the colors and the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, where radio waves are what can only be described as the deep russet brown of the earth of a garden that has been lovingly tended for generations and is full of earthworms and manure, but not only is it the warm, deep hue of the earth but it is also on fire, burning with an intense burgundy red; these are radio waves, and the ultraviolet rays that are normally filtered out by the atmosphere are iridescent like a firefly and a dragonfly and an oil slick on asphalt after a summer rainstorm, the ultraviolet rays which for years we were cautioned against and guarded against and took violent steps to avoid exposure to: they are beautiful and clean and crisp as perfectly tuned machinery.

Flaubert's parrot / Julian Barnes
[I love reading this book. And am saddened by the thought it will end.]