Thursday, May 12, 2011


There had been a house, there in the woods, that looked so much like her own house that she thought it must be her home. She was lost, she was horribly lost, she had been picking dandelions and violets to give to her mother as a special present, and then she didn't know where she was any more, the forest was very large and very dark. She cried out, and then cried quietly to herself, and then started off in the direction she thought she ought to go. The house, when she saw it, was the right color. It was the right shape. Her family lived in a sod house, which to outsiders was a hovel unfit for human habitation, much less for raising a family, but her mother sang as she swept out the dwelling and it was a happy house, though meager and rough.

The elegance of the hedgehog / Muriel Barbery

dogwoods! lilacs! bliss!