Wednesday, May 4, 2011

moments just before

We hadn't expected to meet, then we hadn't expected to marry, but in the end it was just as well that we had been in Vegas after all, for the $45 fee we paid Elvis to do the deed meant she couldn't testify against me when things went from bad to worse. The legal system's funny that way, but whether she would have talked out of vindication or stayed silent from stubborn loyalty would have depended as much on the weather and her mood as any ethical qualms, so I'm sure the tying of the knot worked out for the best, and I wish her the best with her new acquisition.

John said: "What about a chart?"
Titty said that as the ocean had never been explored, there could not be any charts.
"But all the most exciting charts and maps have places on them that are marked 'Unexplored."

And now, a life jacket!