Monday, May 23, 2011

from sea to shining sea

DYP!11 : a month-long performance extravaganza

(coming to a city near you)

We've been here before.

(That's Tanner LeBlanc, gazing at the camera. Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

We travel in packs and stay near trees.

(Tanner & Pippi. No trees were harmed in the taking of this photo. Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

We go up lamp-posts and around statues.

(Fifi, who will only be participating in week one of DYP!11, due to the pending arrival of DYP!.2.2.)(*)

Now we're busking our way from coast to coast.

(Note: by "busking," we mean camping and socializing and touring Frank Lloyd Wright houses and national parks, from coast to coast.)

Beginning at the Atlantic.

(as we ought)

And crossing over rivers and going up mountains.

A long-standing ambition of Pippi will be attained, traveling from highest elevation point to highest elevation point:

(The above photo was taken in a moving car at highway speeds.)

Many engineering feats will be marveled at.

(Me again. Photo credit Babs de Genlis.)

In addition to paying homage to a variety of film-moments-through-history.

(Think NxNW)

And a revisit of the Windy City.

(Photo credit Fifi LaRue.)

Then into the West, to visit the vast-in-between that we haven't seen yet.

Fitting in moments for Humphrey Bogart re-enactments.

And hikes up mountains.

Finally arriving at the city perched on the Pacific.

At which point I'll fit in a final visit to the ocean.

Before returning home.

DYP! returns to standard production schedule June 22, pending a lack of mishaps en route and a successful adventure from here to there and back again.

(* The rest of the photos are taken by me. You knew that.)

hours and hours and hours of audio books
undoubtedly, a mix of sun and storms