Wednesday, April 27, 2011


[parental guidance advised]

The title is the title, and I wrote the book, not some goddamned advertising executive or fucking public relations agent, and if I say the title is Memoirs, Revisited, then Memoirs, Revisited it is. There's the homage to Evelyn Waugh in there, and that's pretty damn important, I don't give a rat's ass if Waugh is considered totally inappropriate in this culture of post-Colonial-Marxist-fucking-queer theory that is all anyone wants to read these days. The title could maybe -- and this is a serious maybe -- be slightly altered, perhaps to Memoirs, Revised, or, for the American market, if that comma and word order is too complicated for the ten second mind span that is all that's out there, and if there's a hefty inconvenience fee that is in addition to my royalties, then maybe we can discuss Revised Memoirs.

the heavy hum of thunderstorms

back catalog of Europa Editions. What a find!