Wednesday, April 6, 2011

coup d'état

If I had my way, part of the coming of age process of acquiring a drivers license and registering to vote would also include formal instruction in scuba diving and simple mechanics and parachuting and stunt performing, and every fifteen years workshops on stone carving, map reading, and marionette puppetry would be compulsory.

If I had my way, jobs whose sole purpose was to manage and create work for another person to then manage and process would be tied to activities that accomplished something concrete, be it baking bread or folding interoffice memorandum into origami animals, and patriotic holiday parades would incorporate not only marching bands and flag waving politicians, but also waltzing, hovercraft riding, and tug of war competitions between legal parties to decide the outcomes of non-criminal court cases.

USA Road Atlas!!! National Park Guides!!!
hooray for Google's collaborative maps function!

yes, it's here : kayak season!