Wednesday, March 16, 2011

home base

Other things had been off, just enough to suggest a hangover or an impending bout of the flu or something very important and yet just out of reach: the coffee never came to a boil, the toast didn't quite reach that color of medium tan that one expects, the shower was tepid, and the cat sauntered off without waiting to be fed. Socks were missing, shirts lacked buttons, and it took longer than usual to successfully turn off the alarm clock. None of these were unusual in the cosmic sense, but they gathered and simmered below the surface in a stew of things not quite working, which in the rush of a morning are inconveniences without being actual problems.

best excuse ever for owning a full expanded set of the Oxford English Dictionary: a support for physical therapy knee & lateral quad exercises.

foggy frosty mornings (& yet another lost umbrella)