Wednesday, January 26, 2011

report card

What do you say when called upon to defend a paper you didn't write, conjugate a verb in a tense you do not know, demonstrate a technique you didn't know existed, review a book you haven't read, discuss a movie you never saw, defend a crime you didn't commit, ask forgiveness for a fault unacted, destroy a being that doesn't exist, create a phenomenon that is a physical impossibility, draw a picture of the inconceivable, play the piano blindfolded, perform in theatricals having never read the script, fight a fire without water?

well, I was going to read a book by a mathematician about physics, until I heard an interview with the author and he sounded like a space cadet. So a nix on that idea.

Indeed! Every record broken (back to when records began, c. 1905) for the most amount of snowfall in a calendar month. Vindication, not bitterness.