Wednesday, January 5, 2011


To get there, follow the county road, oh, I don't know, say twenty miles, although now that I come to think of it, it might be closer to thirty miles. You'll be driving and driving way out past those new subdivisions and almost to the state line. Not to the state line, mind you: if you see a thank you for visiting sign you've definitely passed the turn-off, and, what with some of the things they're doin' over there, well, you're safest on this side of the border. Trust me on this one.

So you go up somewhere between twenty or thirty miles and you'll pass the gas station that used to be one of those destination truck stops, what with a restaurant and showers and there were even some dancing girls for a few years, although now all of those extraneous buildings have been boarded up and listed as for lease please call, but the gas pumps are still being operated, they're overpriced but if you forget to fill up before you go, that's gonna be your best bet.