Monday, November 1, 2010

trapped in time

{Oct. 31, 10}

So simple, really, if only she could remember what it was that she was meant to be doing. It was no Herculean task that she had forgotten, but it was becoming harder and harder to grasp at the moment of intention and implement the thought into action. Once she had only to think a thing and it was as good as done: not merely simple things, like paying the electric bill or calling her mother or making a cup of tea, but more difficult tasks as well once use to almost complete themselves: writing annual reports, compiling financial audits, once even rebuilding a carburetor.

It had all been so effortless, but now she found herself standing in doorways not even certain if she was crossing the correct threshold for the task she had determined to accomplish. Sending a birthday card to her brother. Making an appointment for an oil change. Answering the phone. Picking up the dry cleaning. Defrosting the chicken. Opening a bottle of wine.