Sunday, October 31, 2010


{Oct 29, 10}

The eyes are kind, the kindness of bearing responsibility for not merely brothers, sisters, parents, spouse, and children, but the kindness also of holding closely the responsibility for laborers, workmen, their families, and the corporation. It is a harsh kindness, a kindness born of knowing that indulgence is a curse rather than a benefit, that freedom can break hearts as well as bodies, and so a kindness kept under a cloak of uncompromising strictness of rules and expectations and demands which may be terse and curt and strongly worded for all that their intentions are sincere. Above the eyes are eyebrows that argue for prominence against the nose, the bushy effusive brows standing against onslaughts of wind, snow, sun, curses, and bad luck, not thinning with age but turning a bristly grey white.