Wednesday, October 6, 2010

nom de guerre

You go on and on and on about freedom of information, how information wants to be free, and, you know what? -- that's just bullshit. If freedom was the name of a dog, say a golden retriever, and, true to his name, all that dog wanted was to escape from the back yard and spend the afternoon chasing cars, you know, that dog would still be on the front doorstep come dinner time, ready for his kibble and to sleep on the bed. And don't try to tell me that information isn't just exactly the same: it may want to nose around the neighborhood, engage in some gentle flirtation, but, really, information knows where it belongs just like that dog does, and information really just wants to stay locked up nice and tight in the desk drawer. So you'll understand that your argument doesn't carry any weight, that I'm not at all obliged to explain it to you.

WSJ article: "A novel, to be compelling, has to have plot, dramatic incident and narrative momentum, but these are the very elements that are lacking in our daily lives, confused and messy as they are."

ugh. Oct.