Wednesday, October 27, 2010


For enrollment as a character in the work of qualified writers

To expedite our consideration of your qualifications for the part, please respond as completely and as truthfully as discretion permits. Feel free to use additional sheets, attach supporting documentation, and/or solicit letters of recommendation from third parties.

Full name:
Mr. Smith, esq., but you can call me Bud.

Date of birth: 5/10/54. Taurus.
Where were you born? in the maternity ward. St. Paul's, Cleveland, OH

Any special circumstances or omens associated with your birth?
Yeah, you know, it was a pretty standard birth. Third kid so my mom knew the routine, contractions, water breaks, anesthesia, forceps, stitches. Unless you mean about the big old raven that followed the old Ford to the hospital, and roosted in the parking lot, or having a twin that they hadn't known about, on account of him not gestating properly and being still born. Kinda creepy, being crammed into a womb with a corpse all those months.

Father? Occupation.
War vet, Italian front, Mom war bride. Drifter, auto mechanic, short order cook, either died of alcohol poisoning or ran off with another woman in 1962, mom would never say which.

Calvino / Invisible Cities

foggy foggy rain drizzle and two minutes of light a day, gone, means an hour a month