Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it was there

It was heavier than a brown paper sack would normally be, much heavier, the density of the contents pushing against the seams and threatening to spill out of confinement if given the slightest provocation. Which would have been a problem for more reasons than one, if that had happened, but there were no sharp edges to break through and no damp objects to cause weak spots in the paper, so the chances were not great. Still, it was much safer to hold the bag from the bottom rather than just grasping the folded-over top, and it was hard to not look suspicious carrying a small brown paper sack with its weight supported by the palm of the hand, or, worse, cradled in the crook of the elbow and held against the body: far too obvious, when the entire goal was to be so trivial, so innocuous, as to disappear.

a novel with a lovely title and far too many metaphors and similes

forty??? really??? already???