Wednesday, July 21, 2010


He will make it as far as Colorado Springs, where a weary conductor will read him the riot act about trespassing and threaten a lot of bullshit about the repercussions of transporting minors across state lines, threaten to telephone child services and the governor, then look the other way while the kid escapes and scrambles to hitchhike across the final stretch of the Rockies. The conductor had hitchhiked for a week and a half himself, back when he was twenty four and just out of the Army and returning to his sweetheart in Oklahoma, and now they had two sons and were a part of the clockwork of their community, so he wasn't worried about the fate of the traveler, who was picked up by a high school youth group on their way to a revival camp in the mountains, in a chartered bus with a driver who may have been on substances expressly forbidden to members of God's flock.

messages of hope and cheer and joy and love

sunflowers, a tornado warning, a tornado drill, a lightening storm