Wednesday, May 5, 2010

scales and arpeggios

The epitome of grace, agility, and beauty: the skiing Adagio Trio performs daily at Florida's Cypress Gardens.

They weren't always the Adagio Trio; they had started as the Largo Quartet, performing dances of grave gracefulness on the still waters, synchronized swimmers in the deep. They had trained with French mimes and with American dance companies and with the Canadian circus and at a musical academy in Austria, and each member of the Largo Quartet brought a sense of deep grounding and meaning to their performances, their interpretations of classical forms of movement hailed as nothing short of revolutionary, ground breaking, genre shattering, inspired, and challenging.

For a time the art world was abuzz with the output of this talented and intense foursome, and they became the darlings of a media desperate for sexy young things pushing boundaries in performance art. Each member of the Largo Quartet rotated through each of the character roles in each of the pieces, but as performances were improvisational events bearing the individualistic stamp of the intellect and the body and the passion of the specific performers, it was not so much that each member of the Quartet played the assigned role: more that they filtered through their core of being an impression of the suggested character, and let loose this entirely new presentation.

Kafka on the shore, Haruki Murakami

oh! warmth!