Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recipe for Work

The mix contains equal parts of the dreams of the very young, the ambitions of the adolescent, the quirks of fate, acts of god, perspiration, inspiration, dumb luck, self control, and self aggrandizement. Small but not undetectable amounts of delusion, perseverance, ready sources of cash, true love, well timed exits, reliable transportation, and quick thinking are necessary, but not in prescribed doses. The facility where all of the above is processed also processes dairy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, misconceptions, mistranslations, crashed hard drives, stolen glances, squeaky shoes, flat tires, lost notebooks, broken windows, soggy newspapers, bad haircuts, and missing shoelaces. Please be aware that the Food and Drug Administration had not tested, approved, or verified any of the claims made herein, whose risk lies wholly with the consumer.

sleeping. sleep sleep sleep

They promise spring. I hope they deliver.