Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As much of it as I can remember, at any rate, and this is going back a ways, back before I really got good at remembering and mostly practiced forgetting, and as much of it as can be revealed without causing potential law suits to be given a mistrial and a de facto charge of perjury, and as much as is really necessary to answer your question, but not too much more, because over-sharing on an event like this could ruin our entire relationship, which is on pretty unsettled ground, anyway, with me not knowing you that well and you being rather eager to go off and follow, what?, your instincts or your ambitions or your vocation or the voices in your head, but besides these rather minor digressions and concerns and considerations, yes, of course I'll tell you the whole thing.

Trying to read Mauve Desert, by Nicole Brossard, but the problem with reading meta-fiction, especially before bed, is that it doesn't make any sense. And even though I write a fair bit of it, I'm the first person to admit that meta-fiction is actually much more fun to write than to read.

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