Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day! May Day!

After waking up on May Day with a champagne hangover (always the best sort to have), the calendar began to click along, declaring spring, socialism, and book arts!

(Don't forget the upcoming afternoon of mustaches, martinis, bocce, & lilacs | Sunday : May 9, 2010 : 2 p.m.)

This month's artist's book group will take our percolating ideas, and serve them out in coffee cups!

This month's announcement (thanks, Meredith!)
Is it possible that it's May already? And today even felt like August! Time has flown right up to the next meeting for our Artists' Book group.
I look forward to seeing you this Thursday evening! Come at 6:30 for an easy potluck (last time we had plenty of food, so don't worry if you don't have time to make/buy anything--come anyway), or at 7:00 to turn the conversation to books. Bring whatever you've got, whether a vague notion or a project in process.

In my studio the projects are all based on words, words, words, quite literally, as everything that is in for both repair and for alteration is a dictionary, or a book about a dictionary. The Johnson's Project is finally nearing something resembling completion, and the set book for the upcoming GBW competition is that of my friend and mentor: so I'll be doing a test binding on a printing of the first edition, then the final binding on the GBW copies. Words indeed!

Rapt : attention and the focused life / Winifred Gallagher
up to a six mile jog! now to get the miles up to ten and the time under seven. and to no longer be terrified of the bicycle.