Wednesday, April 7, 2010

après l'école {a DYP! production}

The other puppets, led by The Count, decided to kidnap the marionette and tie her to the railroad tracks, which was accomplished by wrapping the ever-tangled cords of the puppet around the broomstick, and then enlisting the alligator as freight train. As the music cued up for the theme song of the Lone Ranger, the monkey puppet reappeared, a silver star pinned to its chest, and the rest of the puppets bounced above the curtain rod, demonstrating their best galloping without a horse as part of the sheriff’s posse. The crocodile was thrown headlong into the crowd, the marionette and the monkey embraced, and the music cued to It’s A Small World, as all the puppets were thrown into the air.

The Infinities, under the influence of opiates (hooray for codeine)

crickets, sunset, clotheslines, and seersucker