Wednesday, March 10, 2010

statements of the obvious

Recommended crafts and supplies for the spring craft bazaar to benefit the senior enrichment center

Ancestral Eyes photo frame
materials: picture frame, hot glue gun, googly eyes

Birdies for Court Play
materials: tennis balls, hot glue gun, multicolored feathers

Milk Mustaches
materials: white ceramic mugs, hot glue gun, false mustaches

Seductive Sights
reading glasses, hot glue gun, false eyelashes

Sock Monkeys, Sock Mice, or Sock Aliens
materials: odd socks, filling from a lumpy pillow, googly eyes, contrast thread for stitching mouth and accents (advanced)

Tournament Paddles
materials: ping pong paddles, Swiss Mountain Scenes stencil kit, acrylic paint

Constellation Installation
materials: ping pong balls, glow in the dark stars, fishing line

Instant Fire Kit
materials: pine cones, paraffin wax, glitter, turpentine, matches

Custom Canine Collar
materials: bandanna, jingle bells, iron-on letters

The Eyes of God
materials: swizzle sticks, martini glasses, googly eyes, epoxy cement

Requisite pot pourri packet
materials: the wedding veil from your first marriage, dried rose petals, dried lavender, scissors, feathers, glue gun. Dye veil acid yellow or lime green for a more contemporary effect.

That's all for this month's Statements of the Obvious! Don't forget: sharpen your pencils, reset the clocks, and don't look under the sofa cushions!

Science Experiments You Can Eat: Vicki Cobb

somebody stole my girl scout cookies
somebody stole my girl scout cookies
somebody stole my girl scout cookies