Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the rules

The book that he hadn't written yet had a title: "Don't Play With Matches!"

It had a cover design, the hardback dust-jacket suitably literary and ambiguous, with an outline of a stain from a wine glass -- no, make that a coffee cup ring stain -- and a box of matches, the old style matchbox where the tray slid out and 6 or 7 matches nestled together in the interior, and had to be struck against the special chemical surface on the side of the box to light, but on the cover, graphically depicted in sharp Bauhaus tones, just the dark stained ring of coffee, a black closed matchbox, and the title, "Don't Play With Matches," lose the exclamation point, neatly spaced in a sans serif font. Not Helvetica, too common man corporate, maybe Futura, not so abstract as to be off-putting, but it would make people wonder, pique their curiosity.

two years of writing with the Northampton Wednesday night writers! what a lovely anniversary.

sugaring season! fresh blueberry pancakes, warm maple syrup make everything happy and bright